SINGLETRACK 201 is a program that teaches intermediate mountain bike skills. It is suitable for both youth and adults that are experienced riders, physically and technically ready to take their skills to the next level. Learning and mastering the skills in this program will provide participants the ability to ride most of the trails in our area parks with confidence. Like the Singeltrack 101 program, some participants may repeat this program several times before being ready to progress. Some skills at this level may take significant practice to master. Like the 101 programs, we offer this course for youth and women only, with an adult co-ed version offered upon request.
For the 2017 season, these programs will be offered in Victor at Dryer Road Park. This program is 12 hours, taught over six weeks, for 2 hour sessions, once a week.
Program Cost: TBA
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SINGLETRACK 201 Women Only - A women's only 12 hour program that has the same skill focus as described in the "Singletrack 201 Skills" section outlined to the right of this page. This program offers the opportunity for women to learn along side other women and provides the chance to meet other female riders at the same skill level. As with all our programs, participants learn at their own pace in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Am I Ready For SINGLETRACK 201?

  • have a quality mountain bike (name brand bike from a bike shop).
  • have a properly fitting helmet.
  • have flat pedals (highly recommended!) or clipless pedals (and can demonstrate immediate cleat release).
  • have a riding backpack with a water bladder.
  • have at least several years experience riding off-road.
  • confident riding green and many blue level trails, but may be nervous about some features found on them.
  • can ride for several miles without stopping to rest.
  • consistently uses the foundational skills outlined in SINGLETRACK 101.
Singletrack 201 will teach:
  • bike check (Review from Singletrack 101)
  • front wheel lifts
  • rear wheel lift
  • front to rear wheel lift
  • Level Lifts
  • Ratcheting
  • Braking (reviewed and progressed from Singletrack 101)
  • Roll downs
  • Climbing (reviewed and progressed from Singeltrack 101)
  • Descending (reviewed and progressed from Singeltrack 101)
  • High speed cornering
  • Skinnies
  • dismounts (reviewed from Singletrack 101)
  • track stands
  • trail etiquette and advocacy
  • Bike set up (cockpit setup)